Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our sister company ... Elite Disc Jockey Services

We have recently had many questions about Elite Disc Jockey Services.  To clear the records, Elite and Sound Source are essentially two separate companies.  They are just held under the same parent company, a completely different company from both.  Now, here's the deal:

What is Elite?
Elite is a company that specializes in Disc Jockey Services, Creative Lighting, Drapery, Decor Items, Dance Floors, Custom Monogrammed Projections, and special event services.  The main focus of the company was founded on DJ services; however, other services have evolved out of need and desires from Elite's customer base.  These additional services are often needed in conjunction with Disc Jockey Services.

Why a separate company?
Sound Source and Elite are both VERY different companies.  Elite's focus is Disc Jockey Services, whereas, Sound Source focuses on production services, equipment rental, equipment and expendables sales, and full event production design / integration.  About 10 years ago we had to establish a difference between the two because even though they are in very similar industries, they are very different.  Even their customer base is vastly different.  So instead of trying to run both companies under the same corporate identity, we took a different approach and gave each their own corporate identity.  

Is it the same staff for both companies?
Yes and no.  Both are managed and marketed by the same staff, but Elite has it's own staff of Disc Jockey's and crew that make it's magic happen.  Now, yes, the equipment and preparation staff is the same.  This all falls under Sound Source's core operating structure and ensures that Elite has only the best, best maintained, highest quality, and exceptional equipment.  Both companies have their own full time staff that are trained in the respective markets.  

But both companies offer similar services for special events don't they?
Again, yes and no.  Sound Source produced events are typically on a much, MUCH, larger scale.  Elite's focus is really on the Wedding Industry.  Now that's not to say that Sound Source isn't focused on the same industry.  But typically Elite is centered around DJ services where Sound Source is not.  When Sound Source produces a wedding, it typically consists of large drapery needs and setup, extensive lighting, staging, band production, and much more.

Will I receive the same quality of service, customer service, and attention to detail from both companies?
ABSOLUTELY!  Both companies thrive and were founded upon these core principals.  That will never change and is still the primary focus of each companies operating procedures, mission statement, and staff focus.  To sum it all up, you WILL receive all of these items.  Each just has their own customer base and focus.

I hope this all makes sense.  In the grand scheme of things, the beauty of Elite being a sister company to Sound Source is that Elite has access to Sound Source's extensive production equipment inventory and corporate structure.  Both companies will always offer exceptional customer service, equipment, attention to detail, and so much more!

Be sure an check out both websites:

Sound Source:    Phone: (256) 513-4739

Elite:   Phone: (256) 829-2277

**Picture is from the 2013 Summer WZYP Bridal Fair**

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